MW Pants

With perfect push up effect
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MW leather

Pu leather pants

MWPants Pu leather trousers warmly lined for cold days ideal for autumn/winter

Leather collection

What is special about MW trousers?

Push up effect

Specially designed MW seams define your beautiful curves, and an ultra-light silicone membrane is cleverly inserted into the pants to give you that shaping and lifting effect to get that gorgeous butt!


Stiff, heavy jeans are a thing of the past! Our pants are made from soft, bi-elastic fabrics that stretch in all directions, so you can move and bend freely all day long without being held back.

Silicone band/waist band

A special silicone band waistband shapes and sculpts the waist and creates an anti-slip effect with all the flexibility of yoga pants to move with you wherever you go.